We deliver innovative housing solutions and refine
that Ignite inclusionary housing and Refine the Selling. Building. Using experiences.

Our Vision

To deliver a superior product with a seamless client experience. We believe in the power of homeownership and its accessibility to all, and the ability to deliver a high-quality smart product in all communities.

Selling. Building. Using. Tomorrow's Homes Today.

Ascend2Housing Values.

Our Story

From the inception of Ascend we have brought a passion around serving the needs of markets that are traditionally underserved. We believe in the power of homeownership and its accessibility to all, and the ability to deliver a high-quality smart product regardless of price point. This story runs deep in the roots of our Founders, we look forward to you learning more in your journey with us.

Building Communities

Ascend2Homes is honored to be working with a myriad of partner communities and offering community development solutions. We believe that not only a high-quality affordable product matters, but the communities are at the heart of the home. We are constantly evaluating new ways to engage and build community participation and are excited to be a part of your journey to find your next community home.

Customizing Your Home

Ascend2Homes believes in delivering a journey that is a seamless customer experience. Providing technology solutions that allow for a customer journey the feels like you are touching and experiencing every aspect of the home even prior to build. Your experience should take your home from imagination to life right before your eyes.

Find your Home

Whether you already own your land or want to purchase one of our developments, our passion is developing and delivering your dream home. With solutions that are sustainable and smart technology enabled we are poised to bring value with quality and sure to change how you look at homeownership in our communities and environments.

Our Values

Our values as an organization align with offering solutions like Tesla roof panels and homes built in a controlled environment to reduce waste significantly from your traditional site built, those partners ensure we live up to those values. Our full build solutions include high-end smart appliances and sensors in your home, no matter the price point that best fits your needs. Ascend has assembled a wide array of team members with an average of 20 years of experience in building ingredients platforms to address dynamic market changes

Our Process

WE partner to drive traffic with our enterprise solutions like Houzz to drive lead generation that allows us to lower costs by utilized manufacturing for modular homes, to build our smart homes at lower costs per square foot, thereby offering our homeowners a better user experience that results in a high end (IOT) sensory finished product.

Innovation that Ignited and Refined Housing

Our Partners

Our ecosystem of strategic portfolio companies.