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Meet Our Team


CEO of Coffey Engineering & Surveying, LLC

Dave Coffey is CEO of Coffey Engineering & Surveying, LLC, and has owned the third-generation company since 2004. His professional experience spans over 25 years and includes civil engineering and land surveying. His civil engineering experiences includes subdivision design, street design, water and sewer utility design, site and grading design, storm water design, and geotechnical engineering. Mr. Coffey also has extensive experience surveying on long, complicated transmission routes for both liquids and electric.

Danny Vasquez

Ascend Support Team

Joella Rodarte-Vasquez

Project Assistant/Licensed Realtor

Joella Rodarte-Vasquez serves as the lead licensed realtor for Ascend Nõvus, Inc. Joella has a decade of experience in commercial real estate building teams and closing over 2,000,000 SF representing tenants, landlords, and investors. Joella has worked under a wide range of minority business development, community development with multiple Office of Economic Development, Minority Owned Banks and financial services that provide 504 & 7a SBA loans. She has had successful contract negotiations with focus on delivering creative strategies within the Ascend Nõvus realty team and her role as a Business Development working with architects, civil engineers, lenders, title companies and general contracting services.

John Vasquez

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

John Vasquez serves as CEO of Ascend Nõvus, Inc. John has built a reputation in creating strategic and capital plans for enterprise platforms, he has combined his background and experience to design his Activist Investor approach. John has 33 years of experience allowing him to participate in the scale of ecosystem companies we partner with as an expert in financing, acquisition, and culture development in growing entities.

Shara Hubert

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Shara Hubert has a true passion for the business community, and over a decade of experience in Sales, Management, Operations, and Marketing. With close to 10 years serving in the print and mail marketing industry, as well as housing and construction experience, she brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in the operations, sales and marketing functions within similar companies. Experience with M&A transactions in the business and industry also lend to showing an ability for successful deal close and change management, within varying sizes of companies. She has a successful track record in helping companies more finely tune their business processes and increase both revenue and ROI through Operational and Marketing improvement.

Shara not only has a passion for running a business and sales organization efficiently and profitably but is further involved in the community running an executive connections organization that utilizes unique events to make more effective connections. She enjoys working with the entrepreneurial community and helping them connect the dots for their businesses and communities.

William Romero

SPM (Strategic Portfolio Manager)

Will Romero serves as Strategic Portfolio Manager and is an experienced financial analyst. He has specialized in financial analysis, capital prep, data management, and project management. Will has spent several years managing and analyzing financials' of a vast number of businesses in many different sectors. This can be through forecasting, budgeting, modeling, and analyzing risks of projects and decision making with in businesses. However, Will's true passion lies in helping businesses full potential be realized. Will works with businesses to prep what they need for capital investments and manage these transactions to close; from private equity investment, SBA financing, & bridge financing. Will uses his BS in Finance & Economics to find paths to level up businesses within the numbers and support executive teams.

Nic Beal

Director of Development

Nic Beal serves as the Director of Business Development for Ascend Nõvus, Inc. Nic has over 15 years of professional experience in the real estate investment and lending industry. He has been the founder and principal in real estate investment companies and has been involved in millions of dollars of real estate investments during that time frame. As the Director of Development, he oversees a portfolio that includes strategic planning, communications, high-level partnerships, and special projects.